Atrium Stair … Uplift!

The existing stair in the main Atrium of the Rotman School of Management’s North building is in need of refurbishment. The limestone floor finish on the treads and  landings have been worn over time due to heavy use and the transportation of salt from outside over the stairs.
V+A was asked to assist with taking advantage of this opportunity to refresh the aesthetic of the building atrium. We proposed the replacement of the existing floor finish with a new, more durable, flooring material. We also suggested the replacement of the existing frosted glass guard panels with new perforated steel panels. Existing wood handrails are to be replaced with stainless steel. Our final surprise for our client was the suggestion to paint the steel stair structure white; a move which will make the stair appear as though floating in the space.


The project is now under construction with completion scheduled for the end of the Summer of 2015.


Published on Jun 03, 2015
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