Augusta Centre

Our clients picked this particular site in the vibrant Kensington Market neighbourhood to erect a commercial, residential and worship project, because it had good feng shui. On the other hand, the property was subject to many zoning restrictions and the rules of feng shui meant that the building could not contain any internal columns which made the lateral stability of the building a challenge.

To meet these needs within our client’s restricted budget, we designed a four-part project including a rooftop garden, a café, apartments, and a place of worship. To meet the zoning restrictions we needed to incorporate part of the existing building and use the existing foundations.

To compensate for the lack of internal columns we designed a steel wind brace on the front of the building. We clad the exterior of the building in stucco, brick and concrete, leaving the steel frame wind brace exposed to create a collage like design that was sympathetic with the neighbourhood.

Using simple materials and industrial lighting, we created a sleek, organized and bright café. It opens both onto the street and onto the laneway and parking lot at the back, providing easy and comfortable access for our clients’ customers. We designed three apartments on the second floor, all with direct access to the street and the roof garden. We planned the place of worship on the third floor to meet our client’s desire for calm and tranquility. Using a barrel vault, constructed from an agricultural building system, we were able to create this atmosphere and provide a pleasing acoustic vibrancy. To enjoy the extraordinary view of the city we created a garden on the roof, providing the last touch of beauty, functionality and tranquility to this unusual and highly successful project.

Published on Sep 16, 2000
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