Donald G. Ivey Library

Donald G. Ivey Library

The renovation at Wetmore Hall included the establishment of an architectural identity for the New International Foundation Program. The University wanted the design of the classrooms to display a unique character, which would stand out and identify the IFP Classroom area.


The renovation accommodates 7 classrooms within 450 sq m. Though the space was located in the basement of Wetmore Hall, the existing exterior band of windows allowed for the opportunity to bring daylight into the classrooms. The use of floor to ceiling glass planes allows available daylight to reach each classroom and each pane of glass is treated with its own band of colour.


The detailing of the doors with large glass transoms also characterize the assembly as classrooms that make up the IFP while the stepped configuration of the classrooms capitalizes on the hallway as a place of meeting and interaction.



New College, University of Toronto

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