Golfetto Residence

Golfetto Residence

A simple palette of materials: Douglas Fir, Aluminum, Stone, Concrete, and Cement Board are combined in this project to create an elegant, light filled home.


Located near Lake Ontario, in a neighbourhood of older bungalows this project exemplifies an alternate approach to the monster home phenomenon where bungalows are demolished and large ungainly houses erected in their place.  The front of the existing house was retained and the new work was placed carefully to preserve the small scale of the neighbourhood and the mature landscaping.


The modest budget influenced the massing, cladding and detailing of the house.  Clad in cement board, with Douglas Fir trim the simple exterior form has a rich, subdued appearance. The windows, also in Douglas Fir, were site built. The off cuts were used as baseboards. Because of the location and massing of the building large numbers of windows were possible allowing light from all directions, animating every space in the house. The stair and perforated aluminum screen were fabricated and installed by the architects’ studio.



Project Type

Addition, renovation