Paperbirch Townhomes

Paperbirch Townhomes

Paperbirch Townhomes proposes a scheme for urban revitilization in North York. It increases density through efficient land use and by enhancing the private as well as public interest with streetscape initiatives.


The design fulfills the City of Toronto Urban Guidelines while remaining respectful of its historical context. The project demonstrates our ability to design contemporary and sensitive urban housing.


The existing 10,200 sq. m. site is occupied by a 4 and a 6 storey apartment building, with an additional 4 storey building on an adjacent site. The entire complex was designed in the mid 50’s by Peter Dickenson, and represents the then current approach to Urban Design which valued discrete buildings placed in a continuous landscape. The current approach by the city is to promote street related buildings and a continuous street façade.


Our project severs a 1170 sq. m. parcel of land from the original site and proposes 5 adjoining single family dwellings. The proposal works simultaneously as a set of street related buildings and as a discrete mass in an open landscape relating to the original urban design. The proposal maintains the scale of the overall context and consolidates service areas as to minimize their impact on open space. Landscaping is a comprehensive design aspect of the project from street facade to green garage roofs.




Project Type

New build