G+L Group Offices

G+L Group Offices

The goals of this project were to add a second storey addition to an existing office building without disturbing ongoing business operations, and to create a strong and progressive public image. The clients own and operate a successful concrete and construction supply company.


We accomplished these goals by proposing an exoskeleton steel structure, which allows the new footings and construction to take place from the outside of the original building. Once the building is completed, an opening is made in the existing roof to allow a stairway connecting the two floors. The space between the old and new buildings is sealed at the exterior and allows the distribution of services.


The progressive image of the company is expressed by the technical appearance of the project. The new storey is a stainless steel clad ‘tube’ glazed at both ends, which will make a bright and dynamic image and provide openness and light for the employees. The steel skeleton is left frankly exposed. Direct, honest and efficient.



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