Slade Residence Deck

Slade Residences Deck

Located in an urban backyard in downtown Toronto, this deck serves as an extension of the indoor living and dining space overlooking the lush yard beyond.


The project carefully considers light and materiality.


An imperative design consideration was to maintain the eastern sunlight that penetrated the kitchen’s interior. Thus, the roof is raised high and given a translucent acrylic cover, which both diffuses harsh afternoon sunlight and provides shelter from rain. The cantilevered beams are canted upward to give the entire roof a sense of weightlessness.  The roof sits on a frame of four slender columns, painted black to appear visually mute.


Wood was selected as the dominant material due to its warm character and inherent sustainable properties. The roof structure is Douglas fir, differentiating the deck and stairs which are Eastern White Cedar. The deck wraps up on either side to form guards and a bench. The frame is welded steel; its strength allows for fewer foundation supports, and its materiality will resist rot and decay. Thin stainless aircraft cable on the flanking sides will support climbing plants to offer additional privacy, and reinforce the connection with nature.



Project Type

Addition, Single-family Residential