UTM Principal’s Office


University of Toronto

Project Type

Interior Renovation



UTM Principal's Office

This interior renovation at the University of Toronto’s Mississauga campus involved the full redesign of approximately 300 square metres of space. The project consists of the main administrative office suite, containing the offices of the CAO, Vice President and Principal, as well as conference rooms, meeting rooms, private offices, reception area, and a kitchenette.

This project maximizes space utilization to accommodate additional staff and meeting spaces, which were consequently updated with the latest audio visual equipment. The client’s desires to improve the acoustical separation and performance of each of the rooms and increase physical security are achieved by the redesign, while simultaneously creating a welcoming space that visually connected to the building interior.

Modern and elegant finishes are incorporated into the design of the interior renovation, including a felt baffle ceiling, white oak millwork, and acoustic wall panels. The colour scheme of grey tones accented with bold blues accomplish visual connectivity between the spaces. Clear glass is employed throughout the office areas to maximize transparency, and foster a sense of lightness to the refreshed administrative suite.

Environmental considerations were also important to the design scheme; energy-saving occupancy sensors and recyclable carpet tile help contribute to the effort of designing a modern space with environmental responsibility.